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With a college art degree, portrait artist and airbrush experience, as well as being a professional make up artist for glamour photography, Pat became fascinated with facial morphology, line precision and color science when she had her own permanent cosmetics done in 1989.

"I found out the hard way that just because someone knows how to put color into the skin does not mean they will be artistic. My eyeliner had 2 two long, crooked tails, turned blue and my lips had a ragged blue/purple color. It was something I felt that I could do better so I began seeking out the best experts in the U.S. and apprenticing with them. Plus, being a woman, I love the fact that this process has brought out a youthful glow in my face -- effortless beauty I have enjoyed for years."

Many prominent cosmetic surgeons refer their patients to Pat where she assets their after facial surgery with "the icing on the cake: either a discreet enhancement or a true cosmetic effect. Restoring color, contour and proportion that is lost to the aging process is a thrill when her clients call to tell her that they are so confident they look their best 24 hours a day.

Her students are highly skilled and respected as well. Pat also has a studio in Carmel, California and Sarasota, Florida.

Notable Achievements:

  • National and International Speaker and Trainer

  • Recipient of 2004 Award of Excellence from American Academy of Micropigmentation

  • Creator of Smudged Eyeliner Effect, Creamy Lip Color and Dimensional Eyeliner

  • Guest Speaker and Trainer for 2002 Australian Permanent Makeup National Convention

  • Second Place Full Face Competition Winner - Cosmotech Magazine

  • Featured in Atlanta Magazine: "Women in Business - A Directory of Success" March 1997

  • Fellow of the American Academy of Micropigmentation

  • Test Examiner for the National Board Certification

  • National Board Certification by the American Academy of Micropigmentation

  • Apprenticeships with the top dermatechs in the U.S., specializing in color science, advanced techniques, camouflage and medical applications.


Good cosmetics bring credibility and clout to one's image and it is unfortunate but true that in this day and age, looking good is powerful. I hope this website has informed, educated and excited you to the possibilities.

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By Pat Connell, CDT, FAAM


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